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Flower Vase for Shelf Decoration Juniper

Flower Vase for Shelf Decoration  Juniper

Flower Vase for Shelf Decoration Juniper

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The modern flower vase, with its unique form and texture, proves to be a wonderful addition to a modern home decor. Thanks to the elegant shape the vase adopts, it is a perfect new home gift for your loved ones. The surface of the unique vase has an original pattern to give a multidimensional feeling. While it can solely be used as a dried flower vase, Juniper can be a unique shelf decor object or minimalist decor object on its own.

Although Juniper resembles traditional vase figures, its authentic design takes the Nordic home decor vase to a new level. The round form makes it a great choice as a housewarming gift. While it takes inspiration from conventional vases, Juniper can be a unique gift for mom. The narrow neck and the wide round body of the vase make it ideal for table decorations as well. With an intriguing texture, Juniper becomes a gorgeous piece for aesthetic decorations.

The 3D printed vase is made by using high-quality materials. An eco-friendly bioplastic that consists of a plant-based mixture (sugar cane and corn starch) is used in the process, thus making Juniper a sustainable and environmental item. Although the 3D printed vase is designed impeccably, it is not watertight. It should be washed by hand or cleaned with a wet cloth easily. The material is almost unbreakable, thus the vase is perfect for houses with kids and pets. Additionally, it should not be kept under direct sunlight for long periods.

Juniper comes in 8 different colors. You can either choose from:
• White (with a granite texture),
• Brown,
• Nude,
• Silver,
• Black,
• Copper,
• Gold,
• Wooden (with %30 recycled wood).

Juniper has a compact size that fits perfectly with numerous settings. As a handmade decor for home, its dimensions are 21 cm (7.87 inches) in height, 12 cm (4.72 inches) in diameter. Weighing only 154 gr (0.34 pounds), the pot can be used anywhere.

The vase is freshly 3D printed upon request. Thus, you will receive your unique pot with your order. You can use Juniper however you wish, from decorating your home to gifting to a loved one. The unique wood vase will be a great piece of modern home decor!

Custom orders are also accepted. The vase can be printed in different sizes or colors upon request. All items are quality-assured and delivered in the best shape. The dried flowers are not included in the package.

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