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Shelf Decor Objects Nordic Decorations - Arvensis

Shelf Decor Objects  Nordic Decorations - Arvensis

Shelf Decor Objects Nordic Decorations - Arvensis

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Following a modern approach, Arvensis proves to be a one-of-a-kind addition as a unique home decor item. This dried flower vase is uniquely designed with intricate twisted patterns. While it is a wonderful gift for your loved ones, it is also a great way to store flower-like ornaments. Thanks to its contemporary style and varied colors, you can use Arvensis in any room you wish.

The 3D printed vase adopts an original design. Its crosscut surface creates a perfect harmony with both dried and artificial flowers. Arvensis can also be used solely by itself as a table decoration. Having a wide body and a narrow neck, the design pot evokes a vintage style as well. This retro appearance can be combined with numerous other decorations in order to create an authentic environment as shelf decor objects.

Arvensis, the boho decor vase, is 3D printed with eco-friendly materials. It is manufactured studiously by using bio-plastic that consists of vegetable (sugar cane and corn starch) based mixture. It is completely renewable and biodegradable. Therefore, it is both environmentally conscious and a healthy choice. Thanks to the careful design and the high-quality material, the handmade vase is highly durable to any damage, thus making it a perfect decorative object for houses with kids or pets. As it is 3D printed, the pot is not watertight. It should be cleaned only by a wet cloth or by hand under running water.

Arvensis comes in 8 different colors:
• White (with a granite texture),
• Brown,
• Nude,
• Silver,
• Black,
• Copper,
• Gold,
• Wooden texture (with %30 recycled wood).

The decorative vase has ideal dimensions for various surfaces. It is 20 cm (7.87 inches) in height, 12 cm (4.72 inches) in diameters. As it weighs only 155 gr (0.34 pounds), it can be placed anywhere.

The vase is freshly 3D printed upon request. Thus, you will receive your unique pot with your order. You can use Arvensis however you wish, from decorating your home to gifting to a loved one. The Nordic decor vase will be a great addition to the Boho shelf decoration!

Custom orders are also accepted. It can be a personalized gift for housewarming. The vase can be printed in different sizes or colors with request. All items are quality-assured and delivered in the best shape. The dried flowers are not included in the package.
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